Secondary Care

King Edward VII’s in London gets flexible image viewing with RIS and Deconstructed PACS

Located within the Harley Street medical area, King Edward VII’s Hospital is an independent, acute, private hospital famed for its medical excellence in treating complex and life threatening conditions.  A small organisation, the hospital has 56-beds, a 4-bed Critical Care Unit and three operating theatres.

King Edward VII’s Hospital embraces cutting edge technology and has recently entered a new partnership with Vital Imaging – giving consultants access to 2D/3D diagnostic images from their browser, tablet or smartphone and consequently providing them with the most accurate diagnosis of patient conditions. The site has also introduced London’s first ultra-high definition 4K integrated operating theatre.  The very latest cameras and monitors have a resolution of 8-million pixels (four times more than standard) and the combination of ultra-high definition and extremely accurate colours offers surgeons the best vision and clarity when carrying out procedures.

Amongst their clinical services is King Edward VII’s esteemed Imaging facility. The site’s Diagnostic Imaging Department is equipped with the industry’s most advanced technology to support their team of Consultant Radiologists. Offering MRI, CT, Mammography, Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy, the department boasts a series of hi-tech equipment to offer the best radiology service to mirror the hospital’s prestigious standard of healthcare.

After assessing seven different suppliers, King Edward VII opted for a unique collaboration – Radiology+ from Soliton IT and a Deconstructed PACS (also known as VNA) from Vital Images.  The combined technology was the first of its kind in a hospital site. As a RIS electronically manages radiology’s tasks, communications and analytics, the Deconstructed PACS handles and stores clinical images as a standard PACS would, but with the added and vital flexibility of recognising many picture formats in order that images can be accessed “vendor-neutrally” by other systems. This agnostic approach eases migration of systems and enables access to images across varying modalities.

King Edward VII’s investment into Radiology+ was supported by the workflow-driven structure of the application, which included all stages of clinical imaging functions: patient planning, resource management, results distribution and statistical analysis in a concise and content-rich interface. The additional workflow tools of Radiology+ allows not only the standard data collection of a RIS but also unique user configuration, data sharing and scheduling – the daybook feature was particularly welcomed by the department who could now view personnel and patient whereabouts and timings – all on a single interface which was important for a small department across several floors.

Corey Frazer, Imaging Manager for King Edward VII’s, “Both myself and the department had confidence that Soliton IT could make the RIS solution work for King Edward VI’s. They consistently displayed a can-do attitude to our bespoke integration requirements and worked with me directly in areas of data migration and deployment, with vigilance to the importance of our data and flexibility and how we wanted to manage it. We used to be a PACS-driven department – now we are RIS-driven.”