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Servelec to provide Scottish Child Public Health and Wellbeing System

Servelec, the leading provider of software solutions across healthcare, social care and education, continues to strengthen its health and social care partnerships in Scotland with a new national contract to deliver the Scottish Child Public Health and Wellbeing System, with its market leading solution, RiO.

As part of the reform, NHS Scotland wanted to replace their legacy system in child health services as the current systems were becoming outdated and less effective in supporting a modern service that is increasingly dependent on paperless ways of working. The ambitions of the Scottish Child Public Health and Wellbeing System are to provide proactive care and support to all children to help them attain their health and development milestones.

Servelec was awarded the national contract and will provide a modern, flexible and fit for purpose Scottish Child Public Health and Wellbeing System that will support NHS Scotland in delivering the highest standards of healthcare. Child health is an integral part of Servelec’s RiO solution with specific features embedded in the system, including the scheduling and management of vaccinations and immunisations, developmental reviews and integration and interoperability with other eHealth systems which include the new National Community Health Index (CHI).

The system forms part of the Scottish Government’s 2020 Vision, which is that by 2020 everyone is able to live longer healthier lives and have a healthcare system in place that supports integrated health and social care, a focus on prevention, anticipation and supported self-management with the person at the centre of all decisions.

Dr David T Cromie, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, said: “The procurement of the Scottish Child Public Health and Wellbeing System is essential to continue this vital public health work. The new information technologies, to be delivered by Servelec’s RiO solution, offers an exciting opportunity to significantly increase the use of IT for the benefit of the public and NHS staff in Scotland.

The system will make linkage with other systems easier, permitting patients to electronically access their own health records and enable NHS Scotland to share and exchange the data between other vital IT systems, such as those for the GPs, health visitors, A&E but avoiding duplication of administration work and cost. The system will be a further stimulus to encourage more effective use of information technology in health and social care that is increasingly expected and rightly demanded of us by Scotland’s population.”

Dr Rachael Wood, Consultant in Public Health Medicine – Women and Children’s Health, added: “The Scottish Child Public Health and Wellbeing System underpins the provision of the child health programme ensuring that children, wherever they are in Scotland, are invited on time for their vaccinations and child health reviews. The system will also provide information that allows crucial monitoring of child health in Scotland including vaccination coverage, breastfeeding rates, and early child development. The provision of the new system will ensure these important function continues in an effective and efficient manner.