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Noble’s Hospital in Isle of Man invests in Soliton IT’s RIS

Soliton IT’s Radiology Information System has been chosen by Noble’s Hospital in Isle of Man.

The company assured the hospital of its system by arranging a site visit to a London hospital, St George’s NHS Trust, to show the system working within a hospital environment and present the integration qualities with Philips’ new PACS release.

The hospital formed a project team who would take responsibility for selecting the RIS. This group was formed of radiology staff, in particular modality leads to offer imaging insights and respective future training to their own areas. Key IT contacts were also involved in the selection; the hospital’s IT infrastructure ran on the government network, outside of the standard N3 hospital networks which are customary in England, and the new RIS would have to be enabled for this. This unique detail called for an additional degree of technical expertise and required a RIS provider who had experience in meeting strict security criteria and the technical capacity to provide implementation, quick support and remote access to an area which is difficult to manage – both technologically and geographically.

Lisa Airey, Radiology Manager, comments: “Noble’s Hospital is unique – we are a healthcare provider based on an island in the middle of the Irish Sea and when our services are compromised, there is a corresponding impact on the smooth functioning of the hospital. We have a different level of responsibility to most hospital sites.”

Impressed with the intuitive integration, Noble’s Hospital appointed Soliton IT to deploy Radiology+ in early 2017. After an excellent standard of implementation, including migration of 1.5million studies, the hospital saw immediate benefits of an innovative RIS.

Radiology+ now has 85 users across clerical, IT and radiology functions within Noble’s Hospital with plans to enhance the application with additional nuclear medicine workflow functionality.

Karen Hawkins, PACS Manager  “It was immediately evident that Radiology+ was straight forward and very user friendly. The entire application flowed well and was logical and relatable to users from clerical and clinical areas of Radiology.”

Radiology+ provided Noble’s Hospital with concise display of radiology tasks with its worklist structure and automation of processes with its workflow dynamic. Daily tasks such as scheduling patient appointments, booking in temporary patients (visitors without a Manx address), data-entry and departmental reporting tasks were displayed in intuitive worklists which were simple to navigate and manage. This simplified interface was particularly advantageous in Vetting tasks with Radiologists finding the process smooth and less disjointed than the tiered set-up of the legacy RIS. Similarly, Karen found the “on-hold” feature especially useful; the department receives exam requests from 6months, and in the case of bone densitometry, up to five years in advance and placing a patient on-hold allows this future planning and easy retrieval of the record at any time.