The HTN Awards 2018 celebrate great technology and innovation across health and care. 

Last year we were delighted to receive so many great entries and it was fantastic to celebrate them. You can read our live feed from last year or read about the winners here. This year we have 12 categories for you to choose from and enter our Health Tech Awards 2018 up until our deadline on 1st July. 

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The HTN Awards 2018 are in association with CCube Solutions, an award-winning provider of enterprise content management solutions, comprising electronic document and records management, workflow, electronic forms, portal software, and systems integration. Founded in 1995, it has a proven track record working with the police, local government, NHS and in the private sector providing cost effective and scalable solutions, tailored to meet the individual requirements of customers. For further information, please visit


Efficiency Savings of the Year

We’re looking for examples where technology has made a difference to our health service and its processes. We want you to demonstrate how technology has generated time and cost savings and also how it supports our healthcare professionals. 

Impact of the Year

Big or small, we are looking for technology that has made an impact to professionals, clinicians, providers or patients.

Best Use of Data

This category is for projects that have used data and analytics to improve processes, decision making and enhance patient care.

Paperless Project of the Year

Have you benefited health and care and supported the NHS Paperless Vision? We want to hear about your project or technology here.

App of the Year

Has your App made an impact to clinicians, patients, professionals and organisations?

Digital at the Point of Care

This category is for technology that supports data sharing and delivering information at the point of care when it is needed the most. Here we want to hear about your technology and the benefits clinicians and providers have realised from being digital at the point of care.

Innovation of the Year

A category for innovations that have made a difference to healthcare.

Tech Project of the Year

Whether you have delivered a great innovative tech project or delivered results and improvements over the past year, this the category for you.

User-led Innovation

If user-led innovation is at the heart of what you do, we would love to hear about it here.

Case Study of the Year

If your project makes a great case study, here we want to understand the problems you solved and what you have achieved.

Software Ease of Use

An extremely important part of software design, here we want to know how your technology is supporting healthcare professionals and clinicians in their day to day work.

Information and Data Security

Big or small, if you have delivered improvements, benefits and enhanced the data and information security in your organisation.

Key dates

Submission deadline: 1st July 2018
Shortlist of entries announced: September 2018
Project entries promoted: October 2018
Winners announced: 7th November 2018 7:00pm

How to enter

Email your submission to completing the fields below:
Submission category:
Submission name:
50 word project summary:
400 word project entry (your technology, the problem it solves, the benefits, examples):
Please indicate if you agree for your submission to feature and be promoted within our Innovation Series:
Submission contact name, organisation name, postal address, email and telephone number:

The detail

Each submission will cost £149 to enter
The winners will be selected by an expert independent panel
Your submission will be covered in our Innovation Series in Autumn
7th November starting at 7:00pm we will be live through our digital channels, discussing the entries and announcing the winners!

Further information

If you have any questions please feel free to email